Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Day One - Work Sites - Team 1

Team One: "Beda Buck"

Ben Slocum, Beda Dodge, Sarah Aarseth, Melody Mierau, Becca Staples, Josh Hellman. Charles Warcyznski got traded and we aquired Ben Slocum in place of him.

Beda Dodge, Charles Warcynzski, Melody Mierau, Sarah Aarseth, Becca Staples

Sarah Aarseth pulling old insulation away from the wall.

Melody Mierau raising the roof

Lunch at the worksite

Melody Mierau, Ben Slocum, Sarah Aarseth, Josh Hellman, Becca Staples

Becca Staples, Beda Dodge, Melody Mierau

Team One's Mascot, Sally Mander

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